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– Stacy Ramirez, MS, RDN, LD (dietitian for the planet)


I am Stacy Ramirez, MS, RDN, LD. I am a registered dietitian nutritionist with a passion for your health and our planet.

I hug trees, I raise two babes, and I spread credible nutrition information.

I’m no mind-reader, but there’s a good chance one reason you are here is because you want to eat a little more nutritiously and live a little more “green”.

You have probably heard eating plants is healthy. This is true.

You may not have heard eating plants is better for our world. This is also true.

Did you know it is possible to eat both healthfully for your body AND leave a smaller environmental footprint at the same time?

When we eat healthfully for our bodies, we are also inadvertently helping keep the planet healthy!

Stay tuned because I can teach you how to do BOTH.

Check in regularly to my blog for posts where I blend nutrition and planetary health.

Or work with me one-on-one where we can work together to create the perfect personalized nutrition plan for you.

Everyone who knows me knows how much I enjoy my fair share of (almost always packaged in plastic) candy and chips! So don’t be shy with me, as I keep it real.

Healthy living is not about perfection! It’s about feeling your best, living life authentically, and being more aligned with your values than you were yesterday. It’s about being the best version of yourself.

Good nutrition can help with that. And I am particularly good at nutrition!

Do you crave a life where you have energy, are fueled by healthy foods, and know that you are giving back to a healthier planet at the same time?

Let me help you improve your health and boost all aspects of your life with nourishing food! My specialties include diabetes, weight loss, and generalized improved eating for more energy, less stress, better digestion, and more.

Email me now and let me help you reach your health goals:

Clients being accepted now for virtual sessions only. This means you can meet with me at any time and any place that is convenient for you. Lunch break? We can munch together. Long line picking up the kids at school? I can help the time pass. My hours are extremely flexible!

Initial session (75 minutes): $95

Follow-up session (45 minutes): $60

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