Fall means pumpkin-spice everything. Summer is full of citrus and tropical fruits. When we think back on some of our fondest memories we may recall all the delicious foods that accompany them. These foods make their biggest hits when they’re the featured fruits and vegetables of the season.

Eating in season has many benefits: for your wallet, taste buds, and the planet. Eating locally is even better as to support your local economy and reduce emissions from gas as the food travels less from harvest to your plate, also known as “food mileage”.

When food is in season there is usually an abundance of it. This is good for us buying it because we are saving big bucks – principles of supply and demand. Not to mention it tastes SO much better when it grows without force like nature intended it to, out in the sunlight rather than under lamps (though many foods grow fine under lamps and their nutritional profile isn’t compromised, no worries! I’m just trying to make a point about that unmistakable improved deliciousness). Ever taste the difference between a mango or tomato in- and out-of-season?

There is always an abundance of fresh in-season produce year-round. With spring approaching, I thought it would be helpful to provide a list of what foods are coming into season. Some staple fruits and veggies are available all year, no matter the season, like apples, bananas, carrots, and lettuce (find the complete list below as well).

Start the Easter season with some strawberry smoothies and butter lettuce salads! Here is what is most available in the springtime:

Drumroll for the guilt-free foods all year:

Written by Stacy Ramirez, MS, RDN, LD


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