Nutrition has been an interest of mine since adolescence, but passion for well-being of the environment has always been there in the background. Being in nature provides a kind of peace and joy that can’t be found anywhere else, and I want that to be preserved for my children and their children just like I remember it as a child myself. In order to act upon two of my greatest passions in life, I find myself here advocating for planetary and human health combined.


A planet where human health is prioritized and all species coexist, starting with healthy food for all from sustainable food systems.


To build healthier human lives and, simultaneously, a healthier planet.

Here is a little background on why nutrition and why environmental health!

Ever since I was old enough to know the difference between medicine and food, I knew food was the answer to preventing many chronic diseases and to achieve a healthy life.

My younger sister was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when I was nine years old and our family became very focused on how certain components of food (carbs) affected her blood sugar. Food labels began to spark my interest and I quickly realized I was darn good at remembering what was on them after only one look. When I learned that registered dietitians are the ultimate food experts at my high school’s “Career Day”, I knew I had to become one!

I am also an avid tree hugger and being conscious about treading lightly on our planet is a big part of my life. Since I started college and moved out on my own, I have had a passion for trying to do things the “natural” way, and that includes eating for human health. When we eat healthfully for our bodies (all types of bodies!), we are also inadvertently helping keep the planet healthy! All small changes add up, whether you choose a package-free apple over a bag of fried chips or bring your own water bottle full of tap water.

Fast forward a couple years after I graduated college and I was having my first child about a year after starting my first dietitian job. Creating this angelic little human forever changed my life.

I now have two children who I believe to be perfect in every way, like all mothers do! Since having my kids, I have gained a whole new respect for time. This has led me to realize life can pass you by in a flash. I want to live my healthiest life and provide my babes with the same. I want to help others live their healthiest life too because it is just so short!

On another note, I have always been a slow learner with a spirited attention span. As a student (for MANY years, as becoming a dietitian is no walk in the park) in a fast-paced teaching environment, I had to find what worked for me so that I could keep up. Some things I learned stuck out, but most didn’t without intensive studying and finding tricks that worked with my style of learning. I needed to record lectures, practically rewrite textbooks into my notes, and meet with “smarter” students to help me really understand the complex subject of nutrition (far beyond what I knew from my younger days of memorizing food labels!). It was trying at times, but I came out of it a stronger person and a better teacher.

Helping you to make better food choices fulfills a special place within me. I believe it is my purpose in life to open the eyes of others about the complexity of food in the simplest ways.

I am authentically me, quirks and all. I accept people as they are; I understand that no one is perfect and I don’t have expectations that anyone should be! Life is not all black and white, but most definitely countless shades of grey – as is nutrition. Put the fad diets in the past and learn how to nourish your body for life!

Let me show you how to savor your life with a diet that you can be proud of and that is individualized to the ever-unique YOU! The world wouldn’t be the same without you.